How to Connect with Other Bloggers on Instagram

How to Connect with Other Bloggers on Instagram

Sometimes I wonder why I blog/podcast/Instagram. It takes a lot of time and energy, so naturally I sometimes worry that I’m not creating anything worthwhile. But when I remember how amazing it feels to be part of this community and connect with other bloggers on Instagram (and beyond), I know beyond any doubt how much this experience has enriched my life. Forming a community of people who want to go to yoga with me, talk about body positivity, and stand on chairs to take photos of our food has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. But it was definitely hard to get started.

My Six Tips: How to Connect with Other Bloggers on Instagram
  • Don’t be afraid start a conversation via DMs.
    • In my opinion, is one of the simplest ways to start a friendship on Instagram. If there’s someone on IG that you think is really cool, watch their stories and let them know when something they say resonates with you. It can be as big as their thoughts on body positivity or as small as their favorite cafe. Either way, starting a one on one conversation about a shared connection can be really powerful.
  • Set up in-person dates
    • I find that once you’ve established a connection with someone online, meeting in person really helps solidify that relationship. Obviously this isn’t always possible due to distance, but when you can sit down face to face with someone (preferably over a fancy latte) its something special. If you happen to be in SF, a) I’d love to get coffee with you, and b) I have a list of possible lunch/coffee spots here.
  • Connect with their work off Instagram
    • If you see that someone you like to follow writes a blog, teaches at a nearby fitness studio, or has started their own business, do what you can to support them! For me, the easiest way to do this has been consistently reading + commenting on the blogs of fellow Instagram folks I admire.
  • Find a┬áblogging event in your area
    • Attending the CrEATe Project has been one of the best parts of my blogging experience so far. There is truly nothing like sitting in a room full of people who are just as excited about your passions as you are. Even though I’m a big time introvert and new social situations can be a little daunting, the preliminary discomfort is worth it. If you can find an event in your area, I would absolutely recommend trying it out.

      Photo from a lovely event with Siggi’s Dairy
  • Join the Facebook groups of other bloggers
    • I’ve joined a few Facebook groups that are connected to the podcasts I listen to, and I’ve found that they create a wonderful sense of community. I actually haven’t participated in the groups as much as I would like to, but no matter whether you are a part of every comment thread or if you just scroll and soak in the good vibes, it feels really good.
    • If you’re looking for some to get started, I love The Joy Squad and The Healthy Maven Tribe.
  • Talk about your real feelings on IG
    • I think this is probably my ultimate advice. When you’re real, vulnerable, and speak/write with obvious passion, others will pick up on that and respond with kindness. At t least, that has been my experience, and I have so much respect for other bloggers who share their authentic feelings.

If you have any of your own tips for how to connect with other bloggers on Instagram, I’d love to know! Leave a comment here or let me know over on IG.

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