10 Steps to Wardrobe Bliss

A step by step guide to awesome style


  1. Sort. Remove all your clothes from your closet/dresser and sort them into the piles: clothes you love, clothes you hate, and practical-but-uninspiring.
  2. Test drive. Try on the clothes you love and make sure they fit well and are relatively versatile. Also try on the practical-but-uninspiring clothes and see if you can find a fun new way to style something you thought was boring. After you try on the clothes, reassess your piles and make changes if needed.
  3. Be discerning. Go through the “love” clothes one last time and make sure you would truly feel good in any of those items.
  4. Cleanse. Donate the clothes you hate, pack away the practical-but-uninspiring clothes, and return the items you love to your dresser in organized piles.
  5. Organize. Sort your remaining tops into piles of sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, and tank tops. Sort your bottoms into piles of skirts, shorts, leggings, and jeans. Ideally, each pile should have about the same number of clothes (anywhere from 3-5 items per pile is ideal)
  6. Swap. Ask a parent, sibling, or friend if they have any clothes they’re planning on giving away and suggest you shop through each other’s “donate” piles.
  7. Budget. If you still find yourself in need of a mall trip (or online shopping splurge), create a shopping list based on what you feel your wardrobe is missing and specify how much you intend to spend on each item.
  8. List. Once you have all the clothes you need, make a list of every item of clothing in your wardrobe, including dresses, jackets and shoes.
  9. Plan. Every weekend, look through the list and create an outfit for each day of the week. Make sure that everything you’ll need (including socks + underwear) is clean and in your closet before Monday morning.
  10. Prep. Before bed, lay out every item of clothing you intend to wear the next day.


I used this system to get my wardrobe into shape recently, and I’ve been loving the results. I feel more confident in my clothes, I get more compliments on my outfits, and there is waaaayy less hassle involved in getting out the door. I really hope you try this, it’s life changing! And if you have any style tips of your own to share, by all means PLEASE send them my way. (I really need them)